Does the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport have CoPilot360+?

Although the 2023 Ford Bronco will remain difficult to buy, the Bronco Sport is available. This little crossover has off-road capability and a whole lot more to offer. When you buy a Ford model, you might wonder if it comes with the excellent suite of safety and driving aids, Ford CoPilot360+. For the new model year, does the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport have CoPilot360+?

Which 2023 Ford Bronco Sport is equipped with CoPilot360?

2022 Ford Bronco Sport | Ford

According Edmunds, every trim of the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport comes equipped with CoPilot 360. Starting with the base model at $30,810, every Bronco Sport comes with this suite of features. However, not all versions of the crossover have CoPilot360+, which adds even more functionality and technology. Starting from the base model, CoPilot360 offers four features.

Every trim level of the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport includes forward collision mitigation, lane-keep assist, blind-spot warning with rear cross-traffic alert, and automatic high beams. Plus, all Bronco Sport trims come with roof rails, LED headlights, an eight-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and more.

What is Ford CoPilot360+?

A 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Edition with a robbin's egg blue exterior and white roof
2023 Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Edition | Ford

Although it may not seem significant, the plus sign in CoPilot360+ actually makes a big difference. It takes everything included with standard CoPilot360 and adds more features. For example, adaptive cruise control with speed limit recognition, lane keeping system, evasive steering assistance and navigation system are included with Ford CoPilot360 Assist+. While the sheer number of features is great, it’s also harder to find.

How to get Ford CoPilot360+ on the 2023 Bronco Sport

A golden yellow 2022 Ford Bronco Sport driving off-road in a snowy field near a forest and mountains
2022 Ford Bronco Sport | The Ford Motor Company

While it’s packed with great features, buying the CoPilot360 Assist+ package is a bit more complicated. The standard CoPilot360 comes with all trims of the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport, even the base model. However, CoPilot360+ is not available for the basic version at all. However, buyers of any other version can add it to their Ford Bronco Sport.

Ford CoPilot360+ is available for all Bronco Sport trim levels except the base model. It costs $895 more, according to the car manufacturer. Additionally, the Convenience Pack unlocks with the Big Bend trim, which is slotted one higher than the base model. It packs some great features for a more luxurious crossover, like heated seats, parking sensors, and a wireless phone charger.

How much does a 2023 Ford Bronco Sport cost?

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Buying the cheapest version of the new crossover costs $ 30,810. However, to get CoPilot360+ you will have to spend more than that. The most affordable version of the Bronco Sport with CoPilot360+ is the Big Bend version, which starts at $32,525. Additionally, four other trim levels are available. These are Heritage, Outer Banks, Badlands and Heritage Limited. Although well equipped, some of these models are much more expensive than the Ford Bronco Sport Base.

2023 Ford Bronco Sport version Price
Base $30,810
big bend $32,525
Inheritance $34,245
External banks $36,460
Badlands $38,185
Limited inheritance $46,250

In conclusion, Ford CoPilot360 is an excellent suite of advanced driver aids and safety features. Luckily, it’s included with every version of the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport. However, the crossover doesn’t come standard with CoPilot360+ for any trim level. It’s optional for all trim other than the base Bronco Sport and costs an additional $895.

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