Kurt Busch: “I may be done” after 2023

Kurt Busch. (HHP Photo/Alan Marler)

Many questions about the future of 23XI Racing were raised last week when it announced that Tyler Reddick would join the team in 2024.

Who will be his sponsors? How many cars will the team field?

The team had no answers to these questions.

Kurt Busch may have given a little insight into where things are headed, at least for him.

In an interview with CBS’ morning show on Thursday, Busch, 43, told the show’s hosts “I might be done” chasing after the 2023 season.

“I’ve been playing this sport for 23 years, and for me, it’s like one of those times when kids go to a candy store, ‘I want to be a part of it,'” Busch said of of his time with 23XI Race. “And I’m happy to have the chance to drive next year for the team, and maybe I’ll be done driving after that.”

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Reddick will join 23XI after one more season with Richard Childress Racing.

When he moves out, Reddick will be 27, set to turn 28 in January 2024.

At that time, Busch will be 45 years old. He is the second oldest active driver in the Cup behind Kevin Harvick, who is 46.

CBS asked Busch what potentially awaits him after 2023.

“There are a few different options, and for me the team gave me so much respect about a month ago,” Busch said. “They said, ‘You can drive as long as you want to drive for us. We really appreciate you driving.

Busch, who earned his 34th career Cup win earlier this year at Kansas Speedway, fleshed out his and 23XI Racing’s later in an appearance. on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

The 2004 Cup champion said 23XI Racing asked him two months ago “how long do you want to drive?”

“We’ve started going through our draft picks of different drivers we’re considering,” Busch added. “And again, with the ability to move to a third car and sign Tyler as a strong talent so early on, that helps us go after sponsors much further in advance. So that gives us options.

Busch then cited how quickly 23XI’s current teams, the #23 and #45 cars, have come together over the past two years.

“Bubba’s (Wallace) team was put together in six months, my car was put together in five months,” Busch said. “It gives us time, and it creates more structure to really have the best possible effort on the third car, or how many cars we will have.

And when Busch’s driving days are finally over?

“Yeah, hopefully I have a good cushy office job and would like to help out as a consultant, driver development, sponsor relations,” Busch said. “I feel like I got a doctorate in NASCAR with 23 years here… I’m here in New York. I’m actually met with my TV agent, just trying to find out more about the Fox side things, and NBC or who will be our future partner in NASCAR.

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