REVIEW OF DEB KNIGHT | ‘Stupid’ morons are ruining kids’ sports season by vandalizing playgrounds

OPINION: For kids who love their sport, it’s been a lousy few years.

Entire seasons were canceled thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns, and when soccer, netball, cricket and all other outdoor sports were finally able to resume, the weather refused to play ball.

La Nina brought record rainfall to the east coast, leaving many sports fields and complexes either flooded or simply too soggy to play.

Reckless goons have damaged a popular playground in Inner Sydney in yet another blow to children’s sport. (Supplied new)

Uniforms, boots and sneakers have gathered dust in the bedrooms, and many children barely make it to the field, the pitch or the field. It was heartbreaking.

So it’s hard to fathom the stupidity of the morons who cut short the little window of play for thousands of children and sports groups in Sydney’s Inner West.

My two daughters play netball. My eldest daughter on asphalt, and our youngest, who is just starting out, on grass.

The grass courts at the large Cintra Park Netball complex, which hosts dozens of clubs and thousands of players each Saturday, have been repeatedly closed due to rain.

Now they have been closed for the rest of the netball season – closed for weeks, if not months – because a car ripped the courts to shreds.

Vehicle-driving vandals performed burnouts, tearing this playground to shreds. (Supplied new)

A vehicle, considered a heavy or ute due to the extent of the damage, drove on the grassy terrain, doing burnouts and donuts.

And it’s not just netball courts that have done it.

At least four other sports grounds were similarly ravaged, possibly on the same night, according to the local council.

It is shameful. The cretins’ idea of ​​fun has dashed the hopes of thousands of kids who play the sports they love.

Police are investigating vandalism of playgrounds in Sydney’s Inner West. (Supplied new)

Police are investigating and watching CCTV to try to find the person or group responsible, but that’s cold comfort for sports groups.

The only saving grace for some of the youngest netball players is that a special gala day could be organized on the asphalt courts to give them the opportunity to play.

Not an entire season, but at least a chance to get out there and play the sport they love.

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