White targets USRA Stock Cars Track Championship

Bryan White has a two-point lead over Mason Beck in the O’Reilly Auto Parts USRA Stock Car Division at Saturday’s Rempfer Memorial Season Championship Night at Lucas Oil Speedway. (Photo GS Stanek Racing)

WHEATLAND, Mo. – Bryan White is looking to end his first full racing season at Lucas Oil Speedway in style on Saturday by winning the O’Reilly Auto Parts USRA Stock Cars Track Championship.

The 21-year-old Lebanese takes a two-point lead over 19-year-old Mason Beck on Rempfer Memorial Championship Night. When asked if the Battle of the Young Guns was fun or stressful, White laughed and replied “a bit of both.”

“I wish I was about 20 points ahead of Mason, but sometimes that doesn’t happen,” White said. His plan is to approach the final night of the Big Adventure RV Weekly Racing Series action in the same way as usual – although it mostly depends on which driver finishes ahead of the other.

“You just have to get out there and run,” White said. “What has to happen will happen. If you pay attention to where he is, you will be wrong and he will eventually beat you.

To make things even more interesting, White’s father, Rob White, is only 12 points behind Bryan. So if the youngsters are both having a little trouble, Rob White is about to get ahead of them and celebrate a championship.

“It’ll be one of the three of us, depending on who beats who,” White said. “We’ll see what happens.”

Whatever happened, it was already a record-breaking season for White with two breakthrough wins at Lucas Oil Speedway and seven top-five finishes. He scored eight total wins in his USRA Stock Car.

“It went really well; better than I expected, really,” White said. “I bought a new engine during the winter and that helped me a lot. This division is really fun. Everyone is so close that it is difficult to have one car faster than all the others. They are all very competitive.

White joked that running with his dad is fun and there’s always bragging rights involved.

“It’s kind of a competition all week. If one of us beats the other, we talk bullshit all week,” he said with a laugh.

White made his racing debut six years ago in pure stock at Midway Speedway. By the end of the year, he had won two feature films and a track championship. He joined the Midwest mod division the following season before stock cars caught his eye a few years ago.

“Scotty (Allen) started them in Dallas County and that’s when I got my Midwest mod,” White said. “I watched them there and I liked them. I sold my (Midwest mod) over the winter so I could drive a stock car.

He discovered that the USRA Stock Car Division not only has competitive racing, but also a camaraderie that feels a notch higher.

Whites and Will Garner still go head-to-head and help each other out on race nights.

Beck is not far behind and, although he is a rival on the track, he has also offered his help if needed.

“We’re all rivals, but friends at the same time,” White said. “A lot of other classes, it seems like if you’re fast and rivals, it doesn’t seem like you talk as much in the pits.”

While he would be happy for his dad or Beck if they go out with the Championship, White would clearly like to be the one celebrating on Saturday night.

“It would mean a lot. Not everyone can say he won a track championship at Lucas Oil Speedway,” White said.

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